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Application deadline: 15.06.2020



Обява за попълване на персонал от щатните бройки на Институт „Големи данни в полза на интелигентно общество“ GATE


GATE Centre of Excellence “Big Data for Smart Society”

is a research institute, established in 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a joint initiative between Sofia University Bulgaria, Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers) and Chalmers Industrial Technology (CIT), Sweden.

Being the only Big Data and AI CoE in Eastern Europe, GATE‘s ultimate mission is to :

  • Establish a world-class ecosystem for basic and applied Big Data and Artificial Intelligence research and innovation
  • Be a focal point between academia, government and industry for Big Data and Artificial intelligence domain
  • Serve as a catalyst for economic growth based on data-science innovation, digitalization and knowledge-based entrepreneurship across various economic sectors.

GATE will initially focus on developing research capacity in 4 data science areas with more to come along the way:

  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Insight
  • Big Data Software Engineering

GATE will create value and will deliver innovation excellence into following four strategic application themes:

  • Future Cities
  • Intelligent Government
  • Smart Industry
  • Digital Health


GATE CoE will develop advanced infrastructure, including 3 Open Innovation Labs (City Living Lab, Digital Twin Lab, and Visualization Lab) and versatile platform, integrating the Big Data, IoT and AI emerging technologies.


With respect to its intensive development in 2020, GATE CoE is looking for:


Education Lab Manager



Business and technical responsibility:

  • Manages all operations and technical components of the Lab and provides support to individuals and teams, using Lab facilities and services.
  • Partners with business and research stakeholders to ensures the on-time and successful delivery of Lab services.
  • Manages the administration of the pipeline and resource allocation.
  • Ensures the implementation of appropriate Lab tools, skills and facilities, which support the individual researchers and project teams.

Operational and technical support

  • Provides advanced level of operational and technical support to the Lab individual users including installation, configuration, maintenance, and support for the whole Lab ICT infrastructure.
  • Creates, maintains, and iterates on CI/CD processes for Lab’s new and existing services.
  • Implements and maintains solutions for operational administration, system/data backup, disaster recovery, and security and performance monitoring.
  • Manages and maintains the configuration of the adjacent infrastructure
  • Manages, adjusts and maintains the access levels and the customer profiles in the e-learning systems.
  • Continuously compares the existing Lab systems with the leading industry standards and makes recommendations for improvements.

Presentation and demonstration:

  • Organizes, conducts and controls the Lab Showcase, which features the cutting-edge innovations to the public and external organizations.
  • Actively participates and contributes to the design, development, and delivery of innovative presentations and demonstrations for various stakeholders and audiences.
  • Controls the conducts of seminars/webinars and demonstrates the practical aspects of Big Data & AI technologies to various audiences – school and university students, adults, ICT professionals and various stakeholders.
  • Ensures that all equipment and materials are available in case of necessity to conduct presentations and demonstrations and that the Lab facilities are functioning effectively and safely.
  • Advices and supports the academic/research staff and students on all Lab activities.
  • Plans, consults and participates in the purchase, implementation, and integration of new equipment and software for the Lab.
  • Maintains an inventory database ensuring that all tangible and intangible assets are described accurately and the depreciated components are written off appropriately.
  • Prepares and implement maintenance schedules for the Lab software and hardware to meet the legal and the institutional requirements.


Professional skills, experience and qualifications:

  • BS or MS in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent combination of skills, experience and education.
  • 7 years practical experience in ICT systems design development and maintenance, 5 years experience in direct client-facing position as a Project Coordinator or Application administrator.
  • Thorough understanding of ICT system and application development life cycle and software implementation methodologies. Agile experience is desired, but not compulsory.
  • Knowledge and experience with different operating systems; innovation lab equipment and technologies, system performance-monitoring tools, active directories, virtualization, HTTP traffic, content delivery.
  • Good knowledge on the latest ICT industry trends, ability to articulate the tendencies clearly and confidently.
  • Good understanding of data science and machine learning projects is an advantage.
  • Previous teaching or presentation expereince in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Digital Media Technology.


Personal qualities and skills:

  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English.
  • Excellent communicator with a various age and social groups.
  • Customer-focused and committed to customer expectation, including personalized training skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build work relations with various teams
  • Specialist in training and mentoring in many areas of specialization
  • Proven planning and organizational skills, ability to take initiatives and achieve results.
  • Ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects with ability to prioritize, make decisions and solve complex problems.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage effectively human or technological resources.
  • Highly organized and efficient personality, with collaborative working style, flexible and adaptable to changes.
  • Adaptability and readiness to learn, to improve personal effectiveness.
  • Enthusiasm about emerging technology and innovation.
  • High integrity, honesty and ethical standards.


Our offer:

  • Key ICT position in modern and prestigious Big Data & AI research institution.
  • Contribution to the GATE Research and Innovation agenda by operation and support of an advanced research infrastructure, comprising the GATE platform and the Open Innovation Labs.
  • Opportunities for international collaboration, knowledge exchange and further professional development.
  • Modern and appealing work environment, stirring up creativity and productivity.
  • Attractive remuneration matching your responsibilities, professional skills and experience.


How to apply:

To apply for these positions, please send to career@gate-coe.eu:

  • CV detailing previous employments, qualifications, and achievements.
  • Motivation letter where you:

- Introduce yourself

- Describe your personal and professional skills

  • Relevant professional references.
  • Copies of diplomas for completed education, certificates of qualification


By applying for this position, you voluntarily provide your personal data and consent to be processed for the purpose of recruitment and selection of personnel. The processing of your personal data shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), the Personal Data Protection Law and related legal acts in Bulgaria.


Stages of the contest:

1. The Selection Committee reviews the documents, submitted by the candidates and selects those meeting the requirements of the job, as described in the job profile.

2. Till 18.06.2020 online interviews will be held with the selected applicants.

3. The successful candidate will be notified in writing.

4. The successful candidate will be offered a labor contract.


For additional information, please contact:

Prof. Sylvia Ilieva, Director, GATE

e-mail: sylvia@fmi.uni-sofia.bg

tel.: 02/971 04 00